This course will help you understand the reality of the managed care contracts being agreed upon by your business. You will learn how to analyze the true cost in dollars and time in your practice. Much time will be devoted to understanding the value of the language used by the carriers and the language you will need to master in conversations with your patients and team members to honestly and positively communicate about dental benefits in your practice. Specific examples will be outlined to help you train your team and educate your patients about why it is in their best interest for your practice to be independent of managed care contracts.

You will learn what steps you need to take now and in the next several months as you eliminate the contracts, starting with the most costly to the most popular from your business. An overview of the current class action lawsuits being initiated by private practices and the ADA will be covered in detail. Most importantly, you will learn how to take a negative and turn it into a positive for your patients, your team and you personally. You will also learn the key component of your practice that must change if you want to be independent of dental benefits while  learning specific tools to communicate with your patients before you end participation in their network.