Splint Therapy DVD for Everyday Dentistry

Often, we will hear educators discuss managing tough restorative problem cases with a final comment,  We’d recommend working through splint therapy before starting a difficult case like this one, or  and of course, this is a case where you’ll want to use a splint at night. What are the options when it comes to splints?

There are three basic designs of splints used for different scenarios of patient presentation. Do you know the different designs and when each would be preferred ?

This video developed by Great Lakes Orthodontics will give you an overview to help get you started.

This comprehensive DVD covers:
– The Basic TMJ Exam
– Differential Diagnosis & Treatment Options
– The Importance of Good Records
– Fabrication, Placement & Adjustment
– Guidelines & Troubleshooting
– Communication with Patients & Insurance

To order this DVD from Great Lakes Orthodontics, please click here.

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