Through hands-on instruction by Dr. Witt Wilkerson, Resident Expert of Integrative Dental Medicine and immediate past President of AAOSH, you will gain an understanding of the critical role of airway obstructions and disordered breathing when proper treatment planning.  Manifestations may include signs and symptoms such as dental malocclusions, bruxism, tongue-tie, GERD, attention deficit, poor sleep, sleep apnea, daytime fatigue, TMD and morning headaches.  Every patient, regardless of age, should be assessed for the presence of potential airway problems. Positive findings should initiate definitive protocols for management and resolution.

This workshop will enable the dentist to develop specific clinical guidelines for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of Airway & Breathing Related Disorders.  Participants will learn how to examine and test patients, along with phase one management options. Phase two management options, which may include arch expansion and reorganization of the dental occlusion, following the Dawson Principles will be explored.

Attendees will leave this course knowing how to:

  • Read home sleep tests
  • Interpret CBCT assessment of airway
  • Effectively use oral appliance therapy
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of airway disordered breathing

Course Size: 24

“Don’t miss this course. It provides accurate evaluation and timely treatment of sleep apnea for adults and children.”
– Dr. Hamilton Sporborg, Chatham, MA

“Definitely worth investing in this course. Phenomenal solutions to chronic disorders plaguing our patients- this will set you apart! Great info that you can use right away in your practice.”
–  Dr. Jessica Lawson, Urbandale, IA

“Dr. Wilkerson’s passionate approach is amazing to witness. He has put many doctors on the path to identifying patients at risk for sleep disordered breathing and has raised awareness of sleep being a global issue and not just the focus of the mouth and the appliance.”

– Chris M. Lajoie, Airway Project Manager

Course Dates & Locations

There are no scheduled course dates at this time.