The process of Complete Dentistry involves understanding the masticatory system of your patient. When followed correctly, a diagnosis and treatment plan can be created to provide optimal health within the masticatory system. This can include a combination of reshaping, repositioning, and restoring of teeth to fulfill the five requirements of a stable occlusion. Most of our patients have many signs of dental instability which can result in complex treatment plans. In many cases, coordination is needed with other dental specialists as well as laboratory technicians. The sequencing of this collaboration becomes paramount to the success of the treatment outcome regardless of the difficulty of the treatment. The restorative dentist is the coordinator who orchestrates the sequencing of the treatment plan for the team and other dental professionals that are involved. This requires an understanding of how to sequence various types of cases in a manner that creates efficiency and predictability. We will work through various cases of difficulty and illustrate how sequencing the treatment allows you to think through a process that creates clarity and understanding.

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