Why do I keep having to adjust the anterior teeth when restoring?

One of the main problems we see when we are restoring an anterior tooth that’s just recently chipped is that we always have to adjust occlusion. Whenever you see a chipped tooth you have to ask yourself why. Why is that chip there?

Take a step back and look at the occlusion

Have them go into to excursive movements and look to see are the teeth lining up like a jigsaw puzzle. Because if that chip is the result of attrition from the opposing dentition, then that is your entry point into talking about taking a set of records, discussing occlusal equilibration, possibly opening up the envelope of function with the orthodontics. If it is a large restoration, a Class IV restoration, that broke off maybe the occlusion was not well in that restoration. So now in this situation you can actually restore the tooth and make sure that the occlusion is okay.

Let the patient know the repercussions

If the patient does not want to go to records you have to let them know that there is going to be some adjustment to the opposing dentition because there is just not enough space to place that filling. So again, find out why the chip happened. If it is because of an occlusal situation, posterior interferences, tight envelope of function, have that discussion with the patient. That is a great entry into records. And if they do not want to do that just make sure that they know that you will have to adjust the opposing dentition.

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