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Associate Faculty Member Dr. Zachary Sisler Achieves AACD Accreditation

We’re thrilled to announce Associate Faculty Member Dr. Zachary Sisler as an credentialed Accredited Member in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Dr. Sisler joins an elite groups of dental professionals who have successfully completed the Accreditation process in the AACD.

Continuing Dental Education in Esthetic Restorative Dentistry

Due in part to interest created by popular television series promoting “the smile make-over”, as well as numerous magazine articles and advertisements about smile design, increased patient awareness of cosmetic dental procedures has significantly increased production revenues of dental practices. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, many patients today are willing to spend […]

Dental CE: Mastering Principles vs. Procedures

Dentists have many continuing education opportunities.  Unfortunately, many programs that concentrate on techniques or materials fail to orient procedures with sound fundamentals that are essential for optimum long-term function and health, or even for best esthetics. Principles for achieving total masticatory system harmony should dictate every treatment decision.  Selection of materials should not be the […]

Lithium Disilicate: A Viable Replacement for Traditional PFM’s

by Dr. John Cranham As time has gone by, the general population has continued to put pressure on the profession to create lifelike dental restorations that have enough longevity to justify the cost. While several materials have hit the market in the last few years, evidence suggests that lithium disilicate has the strength, durability and […]

Dental Treatment Planning for Better or Worse

In this video featured by Dental Products Report, Dr. Andrew Cobb goes over how dental treatment planning can sometimes be more complicated than expected. He shares the secret to avoiding failed treatment plans and to providing beautiful, predictable restorations.

How to Improve the Quality of Dental Lab Work

Our dental labs should be an integral part of our dental treatment planning process so that we are able to provide the highest quality dental solutions to our patients. A top-end dental lab will welcome as much information from the dentist as possible. In turn, it is also important for the doctor to have input […]

Why dental esthetics aren’t ideal without proper function

I had the pleasure of being the teaching assistant to Glenn DuPont this fall as he led the dental treatment planning course in St. Petersburg. I really appreciated his candor in sharing with us some of his “research.”  Like many of us, Glenn has done “research” on occasion on how not to treat a case. […]

How to Provide Easy and Accurate Provisional Restorations

Provisional restorations play a far more important role than just a transitional role while the laboratory fabricates the definitive restoration.  Of course they function to protect the dentin and pulp from thermal, chemical, mechanical and bacterial damage, but there is much more.

Protocol of the Functional-Esthetic Matrix

As more patients are saving their teeth into their golden years, the desire for a more beautiful smile has become one of the most powerful incentives for a visit to the dentist.  The essential ingredient to success in dental esthetics is the commitment to the best interests of the patient.  It is our responsibility therefore […]

Positioning of Teeth Can Affect Phonetics

When restoring anterior teeth, we use our diagnostic wax-up, which is determined by using the 2D and 3D checklist, as our best guess for our provisional restorations.  Once the provisionals are fabricated we then need to evaluate the position of the teeth in the patient’s face and oral cavity.