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Sleep Disordered Breathing: Effects on Children’s Growth and Development

Thanks for all who attended our Watch It Wednesday free dental webinar! If you couldn’t make it, we invite you to watch the broadcast below. Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) is an epidemic, and it is imperative that dentists increase their knowledge and understanding of the significant links between breathing disorders and malocclusions in their patients. […]

Continuing Dental Education in Esthetic Restorative Dentistry

Due in part to interest created by popular television series promoting “the smile make-over”, as well as numerous magazine articles and advertisements about smile design, increased patient awareness of cosmetic dental procedures has significantly increased production revenues of dental practices. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, many patients today are willing to spend […]

Occlusal Equilibration- Does it work?

Following proper diagnosis and treatment planning, occlusal equilibration can provide selected patients with the most conservative, predictable, and safest treatment possible. Occlusal equilibration can often help avoid the need for more complex treatments. Unfortunately, a rift among dental educators, coupled with confusion in the literature over its safety and effectiveness, leaves many dental professionals questioning […]

The Journey to Complete Dentistry – Part 1

by Dr. Andrew Cobb In an earlier posting in response to a student question Dr. Scott Finlay, one of our lead faculty, wrote The philosophies that are the core of the Dawson Academy are not about practicing a different kind of dentistry, but practicing better, more predictable, complete care for your patients.  The understanding, skills […]

Why Dental Photography is Important to an Accurate Diagnosis

By: Dr. Neeraj Khanna The importance of photography in dentistry cannot be underestimated. It has many purposes, like internal & external marketing or communication with specialists and laboratories. Its greatest importance, though, is to accurately diagnose conditions.

How to Sequence your Treatment Plan

One of the biggest advantages of practicing the Dawson Academy Philosophy is being able to sequence treatment by starting with the end in mind.  This allows many of our patients to have the best treatment with the least amount of dentistry, delivered over a longer period of time, which helps patients financially and also allows […]

Your Checklist for Selecting Dental CE Courses

Dental CE courses are more than something you need to cross off your to-do list. In The Dawson Academy office we have a plaque with a quote on it that we all find very important. The plaque says: “The professional man has no right to be other than a continuous student, – Greene Vardinand Black. […]

Dawson Quick Tips: Customizing The Envelope of Function

Hello, everybody. Welcome to Quick Tips. In this edition, we’re going to be talking about customizing your patient’s envelope of function, which is a very important part of getting the anterior guidance right for your patients. As you’re looking at the lingual contour of provisional restorations, hopefully you are developing lines on your provisionals that provide […]

Dawson Quick Tips: Choosing Restorative Materials

Hello everybody. For this quick tip, I want to talk a little bit about how we choose different restorative materials and align them with our patients. I want to share with you this grid that we came up with a number of years ago that assesses esthetic risk with functional risk.

Dentists: How to Effectively Equilibrate the Natural Dentition

Following proper diagnosis and treatment planning, occlusal equilibration can provide selected patients with the most conservative, predictable and safest treatment possible. Occlusal equilibration can often help avoid the need for more complex treatments. Dentists who have developed proficiency in equilibration universally agree it is one of the most practical skills they use routinely in practice.